Album art in /tmp

Added by Bill Nelson over 1 year ago

Under some circumstances, album art shows up in the /tmp directory, usually on a song change. Often it does not, which plays havoc with attempts to display it :) What determines when it gets placed in /tmp? Can it be configured to do so always? Or do I still use audtool to get a path, and scrape it for myself? It would be so nice to have the song change plugin pick it up and rename it for display once it's there...

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RE: Album art in /tmp - Added by John Lindgren over 1 year ago

It's placed there for the sake of MPRIS 2 clients (e.g. panel applets or the like). With some D-Bus kung fu, you could get the path from the Metadata property of the org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player interface. However, I didn't find an easy way to do this from the command line.

The path might not be under /tmp if there is e.g. a folder.jpg in the same folder as the audio file.

RE: Album art in /tmp - Added by Bill Nelson over 1 year ago

I have no problem getting the path info from audtool when I need it. I was just hoping to avoid the 'exec' call from conky to run a script (or my 'C' program) just to pick up the cover art. If I can convince audacious to always place what it knows in /tmp, then I can do all I want in conky itself. I'll be checking out the info you point to in case I see something there that helps!


RE: Album art in /tmp - Added by Bill Nelson over 1 year ago

I am not sure I was clear in the earlier postings. Often an image file, under the name of /tmp/audacious-temp-xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is a number generated internally one assumes) appears in the /tmp directory. The Song Change plugin can be set up to run a command the rename/move this file so that an outside entity can recognize and display it cleanly. This is fine, and has been shown to work. What is NOT fine is that sometimes the art image does NOT show in /tmp, even though the program clearly has the art image in its 'grasp', as it shows on the info bar and in the 'tooltip display' shown on hover. What I want to know is how to endure (if possible) that this image is always placed in /tmp - as /tmp/audacious-temp-xxxxxx - if there is a way to do this. Not knowing the purpose it is intended to serve, it is tough to figure out what command/setup/config might at least increase the odds!
Thank you