Audacious crashes on startup

Added by Carr McCormack III about 1 year ago

My first post to this forum after years of using Audacious as my go to player.

System is an Asus TufZ270Mk1. Manjaro Linux 5.9.11-3, Stable branch. Desktop Plasma 5.20.3 Graphics NVidia GTX750Ti NVidia 450.80.02 bare metal installation. On starting Audacious from the GUI icon nothing. Starting from a terminal emulator inside Plasma yields the following

WARNING [opus]: <0x7f25000479c0> Could not update timestamps for skipped samples.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Tried a reinstall same results. On another stable branch machine, similar hardware, starts without problems. What I have not tried is renaming my /home/(user)/.config/audacious folder to audacious.old and trying a reinstall.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Regards and thanks

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RE: Audacious crashes on startup - Added by Carr McCormack III about 1 year ago

For help of others that may experience this its resolved. From sudo rename /home/(user)/.config/audacious folder to something else. Try starting Audacious from the desktop icon. Mine restarted. When you do this Audacious will create a new /.config/audacious folder. Playlists will be empty. In my case one of the things I wanted to save was my playlists. I deleted the Playlists folder in the newly created /config/audacious folder and moved the Playlists folder from the renamed audacious file from .config into the new folder. So far so good, seems to have functionality as before.

Regards & hope this will help someone else.

RE: Audacious crashes on startup - Added by John Lindgren about 1 year ago

I'm glad you found a solution. If you run into the same issue again, try to narrow down the configuration setting that triggers it. Thanks!