Added by Luca Cionfoli about 1 year ago

Hi there,

I'm a fresh new user on Linux (using Mint 20) and I miss Winamp on Windows... Glad I've found Audacious!
It seems to be very look-a-like, and powerful too. But I still haven't figured out how equalizer works.
If I enable it, there are no presets loaded. I only see an empty list. Can anyone teach me step by step
how to load or create a preset list?

Thank you very much!!

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RE: Equalizer - Added by John Lindgren about 1 year ago

If you would like to create your own presets:

1. Check the Enable button in the Equalizer window.
2. Drag the individual sliders until you get the sound you want.
3. Click the Presets button to open the Equalizer Presets window.
4. Type a name for the new preset and click Save Preset.

It's also possible to import presets from Winamp:

1. Locate the Winamp.q1 file in your Winamp installation and copy it somewhere accessible from Linux.
2. In the Equalizer Presets window, click the Import button (or Import -> EQF File if you see an Import menu instead).
3. Navigate to the folder containing Winamp.q1, and double-click on Winamp.q1.

Hope this helps!

RE: Equalizer - Added by David W 11 months ago

I got mine eq.reset file from Github

But I will make it easier by attaching the one I created. than you need go open the file manager and head to


copy and paste the eq.preset file in this folder than close file mamager open audacious you now have presets.

eq.preset (2.35 KB) eq.preset

RE: Equalizer - Added by John Lindgren 11 months ago

Did you create those all from scratch, or are they based on the same set of imported Winamp presets that everyone copies? I just ask because the titles look very similar. The Winamp ones are probably under copyright at least in some countries.

One of these days, I'd like to create a new set of example presets that we can legally distribute with Audacious.

RE: Equalizer - Added by David W 11 months ago

I copy and pasted the of the presets and saved it as a ep.preset. I did need to create country music preset. I started by creating a flat preset which is all 0 and worked from that. I have attached a pic of the chances its not far from the flat preset.

RE: Equalizer - Added by David W 11 months ago

I noticed that you are a new user of Linux Mint. I been using it for many years. For beginners I suggest watch this series. This is the best guide I have ever seen.