Audacious manual

Added by David W 11 months ago

I been using this music manager for some time now on Linux and windows. I have decided to write a manual. I however do not use many features of the plugins. I will be web searching all the following below which may help or it may not. Having input from the developer would help me in this project. I am not planning to rush writing this.


MPRIS 2 server
I did find this and perhaps I would hyperlink this in the manual?

Transport plugins

GIO Plugin

Neon http/https

Playlist types

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RE: Audacious manual - Added by David W 6 months ago

Since there has been no reply to this for 5 months I have decided not to keep writing a manual. Its hard works and no one here seems to care.

Good day

RE: Audacious manual - Added by Garry D about 1 month ago

Good Day David,

I'm a newbie here and to Linux in general. The manual would be a big help to me but I don't expect you to write it for one person. Just wanted to let you know there was interest out here!