Audacious only outputs to right channel

Added by Frank Sdynor 11 months ago

I'm having a weird issue. I installed version 4.0.5 win32 binary. Is there a plugin that enables stereo? All of my other media players output to both speakers so not sure what's causing this. I uninstalled, reinstalled. Even tried the beta. There isn't a separate volume control per channel that I can find. Any ideas?

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RE: Audacious only outputs to right channel - Added by Thomas Lange 10 months ago

Has it always been like this?

The Winamp interface allows to adjust the balance (left <-> right). Maybe you changed it there accidentally?

RE: Audacious only outputs to right channel - Added by Frank Sdynor 10 months ago

Thomas, you were dead on. I had used the base installation of Audacious for 3 days with no issues, But, my luck, for my first attempt at trying to use a WinAmp skin, I chose a WinAmp interface (Sleeping Lionheart from the WinAmp archive) that appears to not have implemented the volume control, because I clicked on a non-functioning area of the skin, inadvertently, that caused the volume to suddenly go to zero on the left channel (I clicked, I did not slide). I went back looking to see what the heck I just did and there was no visible slider for that. And, me not seeing a volume slider there and none on the base installation, I assumed Audacious didn't support one. But, after just seeing your post, I used another built-in skin and found the slider and fixed my situation. I'm going out on a limb here, but somehow Audacious may not be prepared to deal with a skin that doesn't provide a slider. So, I'm reporting this. I have searched to no end trying to find that slider on that skin and it is not there, yet, somehow the Audacious engine got a signal to move the volume on that channel to zero.

Thanks Thomas!