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Added by Garry D 7 months ago


I am a newbie to Audacious and Linux. I am using Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. Audacious as installed is version 3.10.1. I would like to install the latest version but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help?


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RE: Download and install Audacious - Added by Eric B 7 months ago

Hello Garry. I'm new to linux too, and I'm using KDE instead of Cinnamon, but I bet I can help you out a little bit since nobody else has chimed in.

When you click on the link to download a file, your browser should ask you what to do with the file. You want to open it with whatever package manager you're using (like Synaptic) and install it from there. With this package I noticed, you install it to the root and it knows to put things into your home folder.

If you already downloaded the file, just find it with your file manager and either double click on it, or if that doesn't work, right click and choose to open it with your package manager.

After you've installed it, it should make an icon in your start menu (sorry, I'm a windoze user). If it didn't, just search for the shortcut for it in the start menu, assuming Cinnamon has something like that. Mine looks like the following URL:

Good luck, Garry.

RE: Download and install Audacious - Added by Eric B 7 months ago

Whoops, just realized I didn't actually tell you how to download the file. Just head over to the Downloads page:
and grab the current stable release. Also grab the plugins right below it. Install the main package first in your package manager (like Synaptic,) then install the plugins.

Hope that helps a little.

RE: Download and install Audacious - Added by Eric B 7 months ago

I looked a little further (finally) and found that there are instructions for installation (including for Mint) on the download page. Just go to the download page and scroll down to Linux. I'd still go to that page for the links, but here's a preview:

Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint

Users of Debian and its derivatives can install Audacious with apt-get:

  1. apt-get install audacious

RE: Download and install Audacious - Added by John Lindgren 7 months ago

Synaptic will not know how to install a file.

"apt-get install" is the safest way but it may install an older version -- installing from a PPA is one way to get a newer version but has its own risks.