Clicks with ALSA

Added by andrew cooke over 7 years ago

I guess this may be more an ALSA problem than Audacious, but if anyone can give any help, it would be appreciated.

I have many, audible clicks on playback to USB sound cards (eg AudioEngine D1) when using ALSA directly, or Jack with 44.1kHz. If I use Jack at 96kHz things are fine - my guess is that the upsampling in Audacity (44.1 kHz mp3 sources) is providing a smoother feed of data or something?

Any ideas how to fix? This is with OpenSuse 12.2 on a reasonably powered, largely unused machine (although the disks containing music are a fairly slow RAID).


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RE: Clicks with ALSA - Added by andrew cooke over 7 years ago

Incidentally, aplay with a wav file works fine, but mplayer2 gives clicks.

RE: Clicks with ALSA - Added by John Lindgren over 7 years ago

The first thing I would do is to try a larger buffer size, if you haven't already. Also, are you playing directly to an "hw:"-type ALSA device or using dmix? It's possible that adjusting the buffer or period size for dmix would make a difference. Or you can try setting dmix to resample everything to 96 kHz; if that works for JACK it might work for ALSA also.