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Hey there,
This happens to be something that seems missing from the main audacious program. But I was also wondering if there was perhaps some pre-existing plugin for supporting the itunes daap protocol. Or if it is not possible to implement via a plugin mechanism and would have to instead be implemented in the core.

For anybody else interested in this: it is a feature that is supported by Rhythmbox OOB. And is not actually something that is limited to apple devices only. Because there is this excellent open source daap server now, called "Forked DAAPd". And is a great mechanism to ensure that your music library is broadly shared and compatible across a whole range of devices and players. Including the Apple i-devices too of course.

Unfortunately my experience with writing audacious plugins is non-existent. However if you know of anyone else who is interested in this then please let us know how feasible you think this is? Given the constraints / internal framework and mechanisms of Audacious.

And just to gauge the interest in having a DAAP plugin in the first place. If it's worth it or not.

Personally I am thinking back to the time when I was choosing which software to use for sharing out my music library to LAN clients... And the primary reason that I ended up choosing the forked-daapd music server over the other alternatives was:

  • Open source and free
  • Does not require a lot of complex software dependancies to get the server running
  • Fast and effecient: Does not rely upon a load of code running under an interpreter (e.g. python). That would be far slower.
  • The music server itself is much less complex than other alternatives: no complex setup process, or other things to go wrong.
  • Is the most broadly compatible with client devices, as the itunes music sharing protocol has been around for years now and the broad support for it isn't going to change much / get broken with a new version of the protocol etc.

So those are the main reasons why I'm not using whatever-else-it-is the alternative. All I really need is basically a songs list, of my entire music collection. Plus a search capability. And a shuffle button.

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RE: request: daap - itunes sharing protocol - Added by Jim Turner 8 months ago

Have you tried Audacious's Ampache plugin? According to this, Ampache can handle DAAP, perhaps?: