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Failed to query the CDDB server

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August 15, 2020
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Audacious 3.10.1-1 reinstalled during a reinstall of Devuan Beowulf (fork of Debian Linux that eliminates systemd) operating system. When Audacious started by user or by root an error: "Failed to query CDDB server: connection error". Also track names not seen, but appear simply as track 1, track 2... The error pops up when I click Play CD and sometimes at end of last track. Did not have the error with a previous installation of Devuan Beowulf.

The error is repeated. Removing and reinstalling Audacious did not help.

I don't know if significant, but $/lib/udev/cdrom_id --debug /dev/sr0 returns a set of lines like this: "GET CONFIGURATION: feature 0x0001 <ignored>, with 0x08 bytes."

Probably irrelevant is that Audacious 4.0.5 changed its default CDDB server to (issue #994)

Installing gvfs0backends and gpxtool did not help. I do not have access to a totem-plugins-extra package.

Should I have a line like cddbpath=///.cddbslave in the Audacity config file? My ~/.cddbslave was not created by the installation of Audacious but had to be copied over from the prior installation.

When Audacious is started from a terminal I get:

Verifying drive can read CDDA...
Expected command set reads OK.
ERROR [audgui_simple_message]: Failed to query the CDDB
server: connection error
ALSA lib pcm.c:8424:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred
ERROR [audgui_simple_message]: Failed to query the CDDB
server: connection error
Checking /dev/cdrom for cdrom...
CDROM sensed: ASUS DRW-24B1ST j 1.11 SCSI

Audio-CD-Plugin-Settings.png (66.4 KB) Audio-CD-Plugin-Settings.png Thomas Lange, August 19, 2020 20:02


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Isn't #994 exactly the same problem as you have? servers has been shut down [1].
Configure "" as server in the Audio CD input plugin. This is now the default setting since Audacious 4.0.5.


#2 Updated by Haines Brown 10 months ago

Thanks to Thomas Lange I'm better informed, but my basic question remains. I'm running Audacious 3.10.1-1 under Devuan Beowulf. I need to point Audacioua to the freedb/ CDDB server. What line should I add to which configuration file?

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Like already explained, you can change it in the settings of the Audio CD plugin. See the attached screenshot.

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