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Open Files- dialog on QT in Unity via icon and keyboard shortcut

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February 07, 2021
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OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS x86_64
Kernel: 5.4.0-65-generic
DE: Unity
WM: Compiz

Hi. I still use Unity DE on my work laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I noticed the following behaviour when I start Audacious (QT) and open the files or add files via the icon in the interface:

The first time the file dialog window appears above the main window (like it should), but if I close the window and open the dialog again via the icon it appears behind the main window from that point on (took me a while to realize that it did in-fact open but is hidden behind by the main window).

If I try to use the keyboard shortcuts like CTRL-O (Open Files) or CTRL-K (Open Folder), the behaviour is the same. The file dialog window opens above the main window the first time after the program is started and then opens behind the main window from that point on.

But there's more. If I use the menu and select File > Open Files (or Open Folder or Add Files or Add Folder) the file dialog window always appear above the main window, like it should, even after I've tried opening the previously mentioned ways.

I guess it's been like this since 4.0.4 at least. I noticed it before the recent 4.1 and was hoping it was fixed there. I just noticed that GTK legacy-version (which interface I prefer to be honest) is also included (in the ubuntuhandbook1 repository at least, which I use) and for what it's worth, the "Open Files" via the icons in the interface works as intended there.

So, it's probably the QT Audacious + Unity DE combination?

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I cannot reproduce this on OpenBox. If you can provide a patch, that would be welcome, but it may be (as you say) the combination of Qt + Unity and not something we can fix in Audacious.

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