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MPRIS 2 interface support

Added by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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November 05, 2011
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Audacious currently supports the MPRIS 1 API but is not MPRIS 2 capable.

More desktop applets (MPRIS Applet in GNOME and Xfce, xfce4-soundmenu-plugin in Xfce, Ayatana Sound Menu in Ubuntu) are able to control only players supporting the latest version of the MPRIS standard (like Amarok, Banshee, Clementine, Guayadeque, Pragha, Rhythmbox, Spotify, VLC, xnoise, etc) and are not able to control MPRIS 1 capable players like Audacious.

I think it would make sense to implement an MPRIS 2 interface in Audacious.



#1 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 12 years ago

John Lindgren wrote:

Some thoughts:

MPRIS 2 makes heavy use of the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface, which has a fuller implementation in GDBus than in the older dbus-glib, so MPRIS 2 support should start fresh using GDBus rather than being based on the MPRIS 1 code, which uses dbus-glib.

When MPRIS 2 support is implemented, the old MPRIS 1 code should die. We do not want to have to maintain both.

The org.atheme.audacious interface should be ported to GDBus. Instead of building libaudclient, we should simply install the XML file defining org.atheme.audacious along with the Audacious headers. Instead of linking to libaudclient, audtool should be ported to GDBus and use this XML file.

Obviously all of this will have to wait till after 3.1.

#2 Updated by John Lindgren almost 12 years ago

Hi, I will be happy to merge this plugin if anyone can verify that it works (or point out what it is doing wrong). I don't use Ubuntu and could not get either of the two other MPRIS 2 clients mentioned here to work at all.

#3 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 12 years ago

Hi, I just realized I uploaded a 404 error instead of the plugin (I tried downloading the file from the old jira). Can you upload the right file? Thank you.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren almost 12 years ago

  • File deleted (mpris.tar.gz)

#5 Updated by John Lindgren almost 12 years ago

Unfortunately I don't have a copy locally, so either it will have to be found in a backup or rewritten.

#6 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 12 years ago

Bad news: I couldn't imagine that the old bug tracker would be put offline so I haven't kept a copy locally either. Maybe I can ask someone for a backup?

#7 Updated by John Lindgren almost 12 years ago

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Git version has basic MPRIS 2 functionality, enough for Ubuntu sound menu support. Album art is a little thorny because MPRIS 2 insists on having it in a separate file, whereas we often read it embedded in the song files.

#8 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 12 years ago

Great, thank you!! I'll test it as soon as possible.

#9 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti over 11 years ago

I'm testing it, it seems to work flawlessly.

#10 Updated by Mad Joe almost 11 years ago

(Unrelated bug report deleted by moderator.)

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