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More precise volume control in winamp classic theme

Added by Marcin Kocur almost 10 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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August 04, 2013
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I noticed that while scrolling on audacious's volume icon in GTK interface, the volume gain is graduated every 1%, while in winamp-like interface and on the tray icon, every 2%. I guess this has something to do with winamp's original behavior but it would be just better if audacious had more precise volume control in winamp theme as well (or at least some optional setting for it).

Personally I'm using middle-end headphones with powerful soundcard which are very loud, and audacious's volume control just doesn't work well for me in winamp's theme.


#1 Updated by John Lindgren almost 10 years ago

If I understand you correctly, you're saying that most of the range between 0% and 100% is uncomfortably loud with your headphones, so you want finer granularity at the lower end of the range. Is that right?

#2 Updated by Marcin Kocur almost 10 years ago

Well, not exactly. Anyway, I made a mistake: in Winamp style the volume changes every 5% both while scrolling in main window and over tray icon. In GTK style the pace while scrolling is 1% in main window and 5% over tray icon. There is also a shortcut in global hotkeys plugin which steps every 4%.

In my opinion, 1% step is great for the whole scale and everywhere (keystroke, scrolling over slider and tray icon), because it's precise and consistent. If one wants to make louder or quiet a bit more, then it is possible to scroll a bit more, hold the keystroke binding longer, or use the slider.

Of course you may/may not implement it in whatever way you want. Usually I don't go over 25% of scale but I think that making the scale more sensitive at the lower volumes and less sensitive at higher volumes is not the correct way.

#3 Updated by John Lindgren almost 10 years ago

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It might be worth making a configurable setting for this. I don't think 1% is a good increment for everyone. For example, I do use most of the range on my laptop since I plug headphones and speakers into the same jack, and I wouldn't want to scroll through 80 clicks or wait for 80 keyboard repeats to get from 20% to 100%.

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