Bug #34

[gtkui] Switching playlist tabs with CTRL-PageUp/Down only works for empty playlists

Added by Jacopo Lorenzetti over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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January 05, 2012
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Switching the playlist tabs by pressing CTRL-PageUp and CTRL-Down only works for empty playlists. As soon as a non-empty playlist is reached, the focus passes to the playlist entries and the CTRL-PageUp/Down combinations stop having the expected effect.


#1 Updated by John Lindgren over 8 years ago

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See my comments on #33.

#2 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti over 8 years ago

I'm not sure if I understood which should be the correct behaviour of the Control-PageUp and Control-PageDown key combinations in the GTK playlist.

I have different playlists open, some still empty and one with entries in it. If I press Control-PageDown from an empty playlist I am able to switch to the next empty playlist. If I press Control-PageUp I am able to go back to the previous playlist.

If, pressing Control-PageDown, I reach the playlist with some entries in it, then I won't be able anymore to go back to the previous playlist by pressing Control-PageUp.

Is this the correct behaviour?

#3 Updated by John Lindgren over 8 years ago

Don't use CONTROL-PAGE UP and CONTROL-PAGE DOWN for switching playlists, use CONTROL-TAB and SHIFT-CONTROL-TAB. I'm not sure why it behaves differently with an empty playlist; GTK+ acts strangely sometimes.

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