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Song info sometime is too wide since update GTK3 lib to version 3.10.6

Added by Andrea Antolini over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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February 01, 2014
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Hi... I'm using Audacious 3.4.3 on an Archlinux 64bit box

Since GTK3 libs have been updated to version 3.10.6 (now we have 3.10.7), I noticed a weird behaviour with song info window :

If you want to display song info for a song with a quite long path, the path itself is written all in one line and it is not wrapped as usual; then the window is displayed really too wide and remain to wide for all the session even if you choose any other song with a short path.

If you close Audacious, then run it again, and choose, initially, a song with a "short" path, the windows is displayed correctly then if you choose another song with a long path, the path itself is wrapped and the window is always displayed correctly.

I hope that the issue description is quite clear. Anyway I attached a webm screencast that describe the issues


audacious.webm (2.59 MB) audacious.webm screen recording Andrea Antolini, February 01, 2014 20:50


#1 Updated by Thomas Lange over 10 years ago

3.10.5 is also not working for me, but 3.10.4 [1] is fine.

Apparently gtk_widget_set_size_request() does not affect the label width.
Using gtk_label_set_max_width_chars() in "audacious/infowin.c" works though.

This sounds like a bug of GTK, the documentation is even mentioning gtk_widget_set_size_request().


#2 Updated by John Lindgren over 10 years ago

This affects 3.4.x but not Git master, yes?

#3 Updated by Thomas Lange over 10 years ago

Correct, 3.5 is not affected because the infowin size gets saved.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren over 10 years ago

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