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Numerous hotkeys changed/removed in 3.2

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January 25, 2012
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Upgrading to 3.2, a large number of hotkeys are changed or removed. This results in a significantly worse user experience. To be specific:

The following hotkeys were removed:
Reordering files in the playlist (previously done with alt+up and down arrow keys) no longer appears to be possible; these keys instead skip forward or back by a track.
Seeking in the current track with the left and right arrow keys no longer has any effect.
There is no longer any hotkey to open the preferences dialog, so when looking to see if perhaps hotkeys had been redone with a new preference, I was met with the inability to open the preferences dialog except by going through the file menu.

and the following hotkeys were changed:
Previous, Play, Pause, Stop, and Next via z, x, c, v, and b, respectively were changed to unintuitive combinations of ctrl or alt and symbols or arrow keys.
Space to pause/unpause the current playback was changed to "ctrl+,", which is much less intuitive and seems counter to behavior in most other audio players.
j and p for jump-to-track and jump-to-playlist were changed to ctrl+j and ctrl+p, which take longer to press since they require coordination between the two hands, or multiple fingers of the same hand.

These changes are mentioned at (which seems to mirror my sentiment) but I cannot seem to identify the new purpose of typing into the main audacious window; I see no list-search box like some GTK listviews have, and my presses of regular (e.g. letter) keys seem to have no effect at all on the player. Given that the old shortcuts for these actions are in general more easily accessible than the new ones I don't understand why they have been removed or changed. An option to have the old shortcuts or to set custom shortcuts would be greatly appreciated so long-time users can once more benefit from muscle memory and familiarity with the player.


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The changed hotkeys were noted in the release announcement, so we are obviously aware of the change, and you will accomplish nothing by opening a bug report. The ability to type within the main Audacious window is needed because plugins that require typing can be docked within the window. For example, the search tool plugin would be completely unusable with the old keyboard shortcuts.

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