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Drag/drop songs into playlists displayed in the Playlist Manager

Added by Anonymous about 4 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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January 25, 2019
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It would be very helpful if we were able to select a playlist from a [list] view instead of a [tab] view.

Finding a playlist in a scrollable list is much easier than finding it in a tabular view that isn't easy to navigate.

It will become easier to drag songs across different playlists.

What do you think? (compare 1 with 2 in the image below)

Selection_001.png (172 KB) Selection_001.png Anonymous, January 25, 2019 13:43
PlaylistManager.png (31.9 KB) PlaylistManager.png Thomas Lange, January 27, 2019 11:28


#1 Updated by Anonymous about 4 years ago

Also, I don't think the tab view was designed to display a long list of tabs. For example consider the following tabular view:

[Tab 1][Tab 2][Tab 3][Tab 4][Playlist 1][Playlist 2][Playlist 3][Playlist 4][Playlist 5][Playlist 6][Playlist 7][Playlist 7][Playlist 7]

Compare with this list view:

[Tab 1]
[Tab 2]
[Tab 3]
[Tab 4]
[Playlist 1]
[Playlist 2]
[Playlist 3]
[Playlist 4]
[Playlist 5]
[Playlist 6]
[Playlist 7]
[Playlist 8]
[Playlist 9]

The list view is just way easier way to navigate. Especially when alphabetic sorting is added.

#2 Updated by Thomas Lange about 4 years ago

You can use the Playlist Manager (in the Playlist menu) and dock it on the left. Like in the attached screenshot.

#3 Updated by Anonymous about 4 years ago

Wow I did not notice that you can right click the Playlist Manager.

I guess I am suggesting then to enable dragging/dropping songs into playlists displayed in the Playlist Manager.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren about 4 years ago

  • Subject changed from Add playlist list view to Drag/drop songs into playlists displayed in the Playlist Manager

#5 Updated by John Lindgren over 3 years ago

  • Target version deleted (4.0)

#6 Updated by John Lindgren 6 months ago

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