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November 11, 2012

09:18 Audacious Feature #205: Separate ICY "track-name" field into separate title and artist fields
Carlos Giamante wrote:
> In this case it is safe to implement, because all I know URL Radio, uses it by default.
09:11 Audacious Bug #207: When opening a folder flv videos are not added to playlist
MP4s can be audio-only files, and are as often as not (MP4 is a very generic container; there officially is an M4A ex...

October 19, 2012

17:51 Audacious Feature #200: Pause between song
Are you thinking of setting this on a per-song basis, or a global setting of "X sec pause between tracks" ?

October 05, 2012

01:33 Audacious Feature #190: Add a way to protect a playlist
Yes, and that has indeed saved me from accidentally closing a playlist several times. It would be nice to prevent eve...

October 04, 2012

06:14 Audacious Feature #190 (Rejected): Add a way to protect a playlist
It would be a nice feature if you could mark a playlist to protect it from closing. When activated, the playlist shou...

September 29, 2012

05:18 Audacious Feature #185 (Rejected): Add "next playlist" and "prev playlist" commands
I would like to see a way to change to the next or previous playlist with single commands (i.e. toolbar buttons and/o...
04:56 Audacious Feature #184 (Closed): Hide "Services" menu item when there are no sub-items
The "Services" main menu item is being displayed even if there are no items in it.
In a default Audacious install (3...

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