Queue position

Added by Bob Bib 12 months ago

What's the purpose of the "Queue position" playlist column?

It has no visible header (and it's not an issue for most users, see #424), but can be rearranged in Audacious settings (Appearance -> Interface Columns).
When I add some songs to the main playlist, this column remains empty (no value displayed in this column for any song entry).

(If it does matter, I use outdated version 3.7.2 on Debian 9).

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RE: Queue position - Added by John Lindgren 12 months ago

When you add songs to the play queue (right click -> Queue/Unqueue or Alt-Q), this column will show the order in which the songs will be played (#1, #2, etc.)

RE: Queue position - Added by Bob Bib 11 months ago

Quite interesting feature, allowing to rearrange playlist items, without modifying the playlist itself...
Didn't know about that. Thanks!