Queue position

Added by Bob Bib over 2 years ago

What's the purpose of the "Queue position" playlist column?

It has no visible header (and it's not an issue for most users, see #424), but can be rearranged in Audacious settings (Appearance -> Interface Columns).
When I add some songs to the main playlist, this column remains empty (no value displayed in this column for any song entry).

(If it does matter, I use outdated version 3.7.2 on Debian 9).

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RE: Queue position - Added by John Lindgren over 2 years ago

When you add songs to the play queue (right click -> Queue/Unqueue or Alt-Q), this column will show the order in which the songs will be played (#1, #2, etc.)

RE: Queue position - Added by Bob Bib about 2 years ago

Quite interesting feature, allowing to rearrange playlist items, without modifying the playlist itself...
Didn't know about that. Thanks!