Testing Audacious 4.0 Beta1 - Some Issues I have seen so far!

Added by Pascual Lucero over 2 years ago


I have been testing Audacious 4.0-beta1 so far in Windows and Linux, so I would like to share some of the issues I have found.

1) At the present moment, I was the one who asked for the modification of the Lyricwiki plugin and these ideas have been put in practice. Thanks to Jim Turner for making this possible in Fauxdacious, sending his input here and Ariadne Conill for the work implementing it in Audacious.

However, some issues I have found in the current implementation in Audacious 4.0-beta1 (and I have tested too the github version)

- The most important, the plugin is not implemented in the GTK interface (which means in Windows we can't enjoy it or Linux if we use GTK). Of course in Windows the problem of fetching the lyrics from the website is not solved, but at least I could watch stored local lyrics instead of disabling completely. Fauxdacious has it implemented in both GTK and QT interfaces in Linux, so I guess it is possible to do it at least one last time if you say new features won't be implemented in GTK interface in the future.

- The current implementation has two issues not correctly implemented (sorry for the comparison again that in Faux.. it is working correctly, so it won't be too much issue to fix these errors): In cases lyrics doesn't exist in Lyricwikia, it should be greyed out the option of saving locally. It is not and when I chose this option, in the folder a .lrc file is created with the latest fetched lyrics (if you have used previously) corresponding to a different song.

2) This is concerned to the aesthetics of the interface and some issue that only until now I have discovered: I unchecked the option of "Show Close Buttons" in the tab management in order to save space, but then there is no way to close a tab!! So, this option shouldn't exist if there is no way of attaining the same functionality by disabling the option. IMHO, if you uncheck the option of "Show Close Button", there shoud be a menu option to close if you use your mouse and right click over the tab.

Thanks for all your attention, I will continue testing.

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RE: Testing Audacious 4.0 Beta1 - Some Issues I have seen so far! - Added by Thomas Lange over 2 years ago

First of all thanks for testing and your input.

Regarding 1):
Please report bugs as issues, not here in the forum due to the chance of them getting lost / overseen here.

Regarding 2):
I agree there should be a context menu for tabs.
But it is still possible to close them without the button: By clicking the mouse wheel on the tab.

RE: Testing Audacious 4.0 Beta1 - Some Issues I have seen so far! - Added by Device Null over 2 years ago

Some information regarding LyricsWiki website. They are no linger accepting song lyric edits and have no immediate plans for reopening adding or editing lyrics in the near future (or at all). Hence the LyricsWiki plugin will only pull in lyrics if they have already been added to the Lyrics Wiki website. Lyrics Wiki website closed down edits/additions many months ago, so no new lyrics have been added since. The plugin therefore needs to pull in lyrics from a more up to date website. Thank you.