Thank you for Audacious!

Added by Jeremy Holman over 1 year ago

I have nothing to say except thank you!

I'm a happy Audacious user for I don't know how long (8 years? more?), and my old version made me wonder if I should update (lol 3.8.0), so I came to get a new version, happened to click on the forums, saw a negative post, and I thought...

Maybe the devs could use some evidence that we happy silent folks are out here. So thank you! I'm happier with Audacious in my life: it plays my music and it doesn't mess with anything it shouldn't mess with. So yet again I say it, thank you! I appreciate your work!

That is all.

PS. Wait, that's not all. Major version bump, eh? (3.8 -> 4.0.4) Could be annoying. Ah well. Hit pause in the middle of the megamix I'm listening to, terminated Audacious, ran the installer, Start->Audacious, hit play, I'm back exactly where I was, middle of the track, within literally 10 seconds. Not friggin' bad. :D

K, enough of this, I gotta get back to work. ;)

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RE: Thank you for Audacious! - Added by John Lindgren over 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback :)

RE: Thank you for Audacious! - Added by jessica jones over 1 year ago


I also want to say thank you!

The best features of the player are for me:

- it's fast and doesn't consume system resources

- it's open source, works on linux and windows

- supports all the cool game music formats through plugins

- it can display winamp skins


RE: Thank you for Audacious! - Added by Elias Elias about 1 year ago

I'd also like to give a big thanks here. Over the years I've read on the official Winamp forum, especially since was going to be shut down back in 2013 (but also before and after), that Winamp users would like to see Winamp getting open sourced. Why do we need Winamp becoming open source, when we have Audacious already? And qmmp for that matter, which is another open source Winamp clone. Anyway keep up the good work folks.

RE: Thank you for Audacious! - Added by Ken Takacs Jr about 1 year ago

I just discovered Audacious. I have used probably more than a dozen different music players over the years. This is what I have been looking for! Thanks you.