Musepack decoding

Added by Elias Elias about 1 year ago

Any possibility that Audacious will ever support Musepack? According to, this has been rejected because John Lindgren believes it's something that should be fixed in FFmpeg. However, I find this answer a bit weird. AIMP, foobar2000 (both of which are closed source) and qmmp (which like Audacious is also open source and another Winamp-clone) play Musepack SV8 just fine. Musepack also happens to be open source, so its decoder plugin shouldn't be too difficult to implement in Audacious. Point is, other audio players have excellent Musepack decoding, and I don't see why Audacious should be left out on this one. Open source players should be capable of playing open source codecs.

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RE: Musepack decoding - Added by Jim Turner about 1 year ago

Can you attach an example of one of these files that doesn't work? I can't promise anything, but then perhaps I could take a look at it.