Added by slawomir dzwonek 5 days ago

hi, i am new here. where i can make, see my url list- my favourite radio stations? i tried this and that but these stations come between the songs.
my wish is to have a separate list only with these radio stations.

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RE: url - Added by Thomas Lange 5 days ago

Audacious supports multiple playlists. So create a separate one and only add the radio stations there.

You can do that via the menu bar ("Playlist -> New" (CTRL+T)) or the playlist manager (CTRL+P).

RE: url - Added by slawomir dzwonek 2 days ago

1. i added an url address - toevoegen - dutch - but where is added?

2.can i later, when i know more, install so that by starting pc this list comes first?

3.when I click right on a song - i see knippen - in dutch- is cut.there's is no - verwijderen - delete,ja? pls add it, ok?

4.pls tell me - step by step - how can i make this separate list with radio- s...

5.later i will send more questions if u don't mind...