On Audacious 3.3-alpha1: Thanks!!! (and some questions)

Added by Pascual Lucero almost 9 years ago


First at all, thanks at all for this program. I still have hope that someday my proposal of favorites I mentioned before could be taken into account, because it does not look too difficult and makes thing easier for users ... but well, Audacious is and will remain as my default music player. And 3.3-alpha1 looks more beautiful and have nice improvements, so thanks a lot!!! And it says "alpha" release, but actually, it is in very good shape to become a stable release soon :)

Thanks again!!!

Now, some questions:

1) I don't know if this is related, but if I was playing a song and I decided to change the output plugin from PulseAudio to Alsa and viceversa, the sound would stop and then you had to play the file again to have sound. Now, If I change, it makes no difference and the playing continues. This was the result of changing to PulseAudio to Alsa and then switch again; I am not sure this is the expected behavior:

plugin-init.c:227 [enable_single]: Switching from PulseAudio Output to ALSA Output.
alsa.c:293 [alsa_soft_init]: Initialize.
alsa.c:629 [alsa_open_mixer]: Opening mixer card default.
plugin-init.c:227 [enable_single]: Switching from ALSA Output to PulseAudio Output.
alsa.c:306 [alsa_cleanup]: Cleanup.

2) I have seen in the menu the options to Show/Hide the status bar, the menu bar, the info bar ... it is possible to add an option to Show/Hide the tracklist? This could be helpful order to show a minimalistic look (with the features on saving the current position within a song when you change a playlist, you might consider you can use the player without actually see the tracklist).

3) It is possible to add an option to edit how http files and pls files from the internet (internet radio stations) could look in a playlist? Of course, I guess tags depend entirely on the information from the radio station, but perhaps the playlist (given that it is in a different format developed by you) could allow in those cases a parameter to change the custom title or some tag that I can edit and show accordingly in my playlist. In the attached file I show how different radio stations look in my playlist!!!

Thanks a lot again ... so far, in my use of Audacious I haven't seen any problems (compared to previous versions) and it definitely looks more beautiful. Have a nice day :)

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RE: On Audacious 3.3-alpha1: Thanks!!! (and some questions) - Added by Pascual Lucero almost 9 years ago

Ah, sorry, I forgot my fourth question:

4) It is possible to add the option of editing (changing) the album photo when I see a song's info? So far I can edit comments, genre, tracknumber, title and artist.

Thanks again. :)

RE: On Audacious 3.3-alpha1: Thanks!!! (and some questions) - Added by John Lindgren almost 9 years ago

1) This is intentional.

2) It may be possible, but the current code managing how everything is laid out in the interface, is already fairly complex.

3) Maybe; I need to think some more about how this would be implemented.

4) Probably will not be done any time soon because only a few people work on Audacious, and their time is limited.