Support for LRC files for viewing in Audacious (and possible modification of LyricWiki plugin)

Added by Pascual Lucero over 1 year ago


I have this question. I use the LyricWiki plugin for viewing lyrics of songs, but of course many songs have no lyrics associated in LyricsWikia. But on many files, I have created LRC files (specially for non english songs like Russian Folk Music, Eastern Music and Opera Songs) which allow me to see the lyrics in my phone (Android players like Musicolet support viewing embedded lyrics as long as the lrc file has the same name as the mp3 file).

Is there a way for modifyng the LyricWiki plugin so that in case a lrc file is present, those lyrics are shown in the window instead of the present (or not) in lyricswikia?

Thanks in advance for this wonderful player which I use in Linux Mint and Windows from a long, long time ago!

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