Add CD and Play CD

Added by David W 4 months ago

What was the idea behind these plugins?

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RE: Add CD and Play CD - Added by Thomas Lange 4 months ago

That's simple, to play Audio CDs.

RE: Add CD and Play CD - Added by David W about 1 month ago


Audacious 4.1 and 4.2
-Add CD, Play CD crashes Audacious on windows 10. has no cbba//: files found
On Linux mint 20.3 it has no audio capable CD drive found, Error reading cdda//:
-Error reading metadata.

How many users use this feature maybe take a poll. I hardly ever did in earlier versions

Plays fine with Rhythmbox

RE: Add CD and Play CD - Added by Jim Turner about 18 hours ago

I use it & it works for me! You can use either [Add CD] to add it's tracks to your current playlist, or [Play CD] to clear your playlist for just the tracks, or you can start Audacious as: "audacious cdda://". I suspect your system's either not got CD drivers installed or the CD device node is not the default: Try looking under Settings.Plugins.Input.Audio CD Plugin's "tool" icon for settings, and check the setting for "Override device", and change it to "/dev/[whatever your CD device is]" (mine's "/dev/sr0" - whichever device node (in /dev) it is is probably owned by the "cdrom" group" - I'm talking a/b Linux here, dk a/b Windows).

Hope this helps!