Bug #461

Audacious does not compile with GLIB < 2.36

Added by Carlo Bramini about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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August 19, 2014
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After some time, I did a checkout of the latest sources of Audacious and I tried to build them.
During the process, it stopped with an error into src/audacious/, saying that g_type_init() was undeclared in the current context. In that source, I fixed the trouble by adding:

#if ! GLIB_CHECK_VERSION (2, 36, 0)
#include <glib-object.h>

immediately after the inclusion of glib.h, since the main() function handled it in a similar way.

The compilation completed successfully, but later it halted again during the link because the symbol _g_type_init was not found.
I was able to overcome it by temporally hacking the Makefile, by adding "-lgobject-2.0" to the libs.
Probably, the configure script has to query the presence of the gobject module with pkgconfig and add its cflags and libs.
Only the stuff inside src/audacious required this fix.


#1 Updated by Ariadne Conill about 7 years ago

We are aiming to remove the stuff that depends on gobject from audacious core. Can you clarify whether this is a problem that exists in the gtk+ support library (libaudgui) or core?


#2 Updated by Ariadne Conill about 7 years ago

Oh, I see. This will be resolved soon with the gobject removal.

#3 Updated by John Lindgren about 7 years ago

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Well, we cannot get rid of GObject completely in core since the D-Bus support needs it. But we don't build against GObject if --disable-dbus is used, so we shouldn't be calling g_type_init() in that case either.

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