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3.10 -- am I missing something?

Added by Davyd McColl 12 months ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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November 22, 2018
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Ok, so had an update to 3.10 the other day, running Gentoo.

Now I notice that pressing "j" with Audacious opened does nothing. Also `audacious -j` does nothing. Where's the "jump to file" dialog? This is an integral reason for using Audacious on a playlist of 30k files.

Also, I see no module for global hotkeys any more -- so this release seems to be a huge NO to any keyboard-driven interfacing.

I have to assume that I'm missing something. I can't believe that (a) jump has been removed (though --help still mentions it) and global hotkeys are now just "not there any more". I must be doing something wrong. Please help.

Trying to interact with a playlist of 30k files without "jump to file" is simply ludicrous.

btw, I use the "winamp" interface, because it takes up less screen real-estate.

Also, I see "View -> Always on top" is gone too. WAT? I must be doing something seriously wrong. Audacious on Gentoo only has one USE flag: `nls`, which I have disabled.


#1 Updated by Thomas Lange 12 months ago

Are you using the Qt version? This would explain it, since it does not have all features of the GTK version yet.

#2 Updated by Mick Mack 12 months ago

Hi there, chiming in.
Using Gentoo, too and noticed that the previously standard gtk surface is gone and replaced by a QT version, quite irritating. A GTK version is also not selectable, only old-style winamp or QT. Is this a wanted change of scope by the audacious devs or just a packaging mistake of the Gentoo maintainers?
Thank you for your work all those years.

#3 Updated by Mick Mack 12 months ago

Looked a bit deeper and indeed in Gentoo, audacious is now compiled with --disable-gtk. Is GTK in any way depreciated with audacious now?

#4 Updated by Mick Mack 12 months ago

Meh. Release notes of 3.10:
GTK+ 3 is no longer supported.
Now that's a pity.

#5 Updated by Thomas Lange 12 months ago

GTK+3 is no longer officially supported, (you can still build from the gtk3 git branch though)
but Qt is also not the official toolkit yet (because of the mentioned pending feature parity).

So the recommended option is to leave GTK+ support enabled (the default) and use version 2.

#6 Updated by John Lindgren 12 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Please ask Gentoo not to set --disable-gtk by default. Upstream Audacious will default to Qt when the Qt version is ready, but it's not yet.

Closing. Feel free to open individual feature requests for features that still need to be ported to Qt.

#7 Updated by Davyd McColl 12 months ago

Switching from gtk3 to gtk+ did the trick. Unless the Qt version is planning to replace the winamp-style skins functionality, I'm not too bothered about when it comes. I specifically use Audacious for the smaller, familiar interface -- otherwise I could have used any of the large players (amarok, rhythmbox, etc), some of which are installed by default on less "your machine is yours" distros.

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