Windows SID and AY playback

Added by wendell urth about 10 years ago

Hello everyone,

I love this program and use on my Linux installations but want to start using on Windows aswell. The only thing stopping me is I'm unable to playback SID's and AY files with the Windows version. Does anyone know how I can do this? Looking through the Audacious directory it appears there's no DLL files for Sids or AY files, perhaps you have a link for these files. Fingers crossed there's no a lame Windows reason it Audacious wont support these.

Thanks for your time :)

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RE: Windows SID and AY playback - Added by John Lindgren about 10 years ago

I didn't try to compile every library dependency and plugin for the Windows binaries. You can try building Audacious from source with libsidplay installed. Let me know how it goes.

RE: Windows SID and AY playback - Added by Carlo Bramini over 9 years ago

I downloaded the latest source code of libsidplay from the repository here:

I compiled it and I installed it successfully.

Next, I tried to configure Audacious, but I got an error:

checking for working SIDPlay2 library and headers... -lsidplay2
checking for SIDPlay2 builders directory... no
configure: error: /mingw/lib/sidplay/builders not found!
Check --help on how to specify SIDPlay2 and/or builders library and header path, or set --exec-prefix to the same prefix as your installation of libsidplay2.

It looks like I'm missing something called "builders" but I have not found them...
Next, I went to sourceforge and I downloaded an older source archive which included some other unknown (for me) stuff like builders, resid, etc, I configured, I compiled but it did not work: it seems to be very outdated if compared to the sources in the repository, at least for libsidplay, since it generated errors during compilation and also it is not able to create shared libraries (unlike the sources at launchpad).

Infact, I must say that I'm a bit in troubles, because I do not know where I must grab the right sources to compile... :D

RE: Windows SID and AY playback - Added by John Lindgren over 9 years ago

The source that I have installed on Arch Linux (via AUR [1]) is the one from SourceForge [2]. Debian also seems to use this source. It does require a bit of patching; see for example the patches that Debian applies [3]. The "builders" are included in the main sidplay2 tarball but are apparently installed as separate libraries (libresid-builder.* and libhardsid-builder.*).

I hope this helps. I gave up on building SID support on Windows myself when I saw the number of patches needed.


RE: Windows SID and AY playback - Added by Michael Schwendt over 9 years ago

The packages at are for the ancient and deprecated libsidplay v1. They should not be used anymore (not only because of the lib's age, but because there are SID files in newer file formats, which require a more capable emulator engine).

Anyone developing with libsidplay2 may take a look at libsidplayfp instead:

Unfortunately, both libsidplay2 and libsidplayfp contain original "Kernal" and Basic ROM images, which make the library unsuitable for inclusion in several Linux distributions.