Youtube audio tracks are broken?

Added by Will F. over 6 years ago

There is a strange error message that pops up with some m4a/aac tracks on audacious. The playback is not affected. I submitted a bug report on this but it was 'rejected', despite the fact that audacious is the odd man out. This does not happen with any other audio player I throw at it. In fact, this only started a few versions back even on audacious. If I used a broken encoder (to rip some cds), youtube must be doing the same thing, which I doubt. I don't buy itunes music so I can't test that. Maybe someone else can. I guess the muxing might be the issue, but I never had a problem with it before, and still don't on any audio player, software or hardware. Below is an example of an audio track ripped from youtube, not re-encoded. Unless this is only happening to me, but I doubt it. Can any users test this?

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RE: Youtube audio tracks are broken? - Added by Michael Schwendt over 6 years ago

Comment 8 in the following tickets claims that your issue is fixed, too:

RE: Youtube audio tracks are broken? - Added by John Lindgren over 6 years ago

Yes, the FFmpeg error messages turned out to be a side effect of a subtle bug in our code, and not actually a real problem with the input file. Apologies for the mistake.