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Added by George Paraloffsky over 4 years ago


Try as I might, I could not find a solution how to play DTS with Audacious. VLC plays it, so it.s not a sound card problem..

Thank you!

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RE: play DTS/wav - Added by George Paraloffsky about 4 years ago

wav files do not play either. I cannot believe there is no single answer!!!

RE: play DTS - Added by Michael Schwendt about 4 years ago

Well, VLC and mplayer seem to use libdca (a free library for decoding DTS Coherent Acoustics streams) as backend library. All other audio players don't magically inherit the same functionality. Somebody would need to create an input plugin that uses libdca.

RE: play DTS - Added by Jim Turner about 4 years ago

Could you provide a sample DTS file or link to a stream that uses DTS?



RE: play DTS - Added by Future inoz 9 months ago

Hi Jim

Are you still seeking a .dts file? I can share privately one for you to review. Would be good for this wonderful music player to support wave (dts) files.

RE: play DTS - Added by Jim Turner 8 months ago

Sure. You can email it to me (click on my name above to get my email address). No promises, but I'll be happy to take a look!


RE: play DTS - Added by Jim Turner 5 months ago

I haven't gotten your email (hope my spam filter didn't toss it!) If so, plz resend mentioning "Audacious" in the title, reply back here afterwords, and I'll check my mail + spam folder & look for it. Otherwise, file a feature request & attach it there!