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Hi ! This is my first post here, not quite sure if this is the place to post this or if I could (should) have directly created an issue but I wanted to know if any one had any replacement in mind for LyricWiki which closed on the 21st of september ( The most recent post I've seen about LyricWiki is the one about the LRC files about one year and a half ago. I'd love to read what you think about that and to take part in it if there's anything I can do.

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RE: LyricWiki - Added by Bobby John 24 days ago

I'm also interested in this topic. Is there a way to modify the source and maybe select another lyrics site as AZ lyrics or so whatever? I guess the choice could be made on the basis of licence agreements.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Thomas Lange 13 days ago

The Qt lyrics plugin for Audacious 4.x already supports several providers.
So adding other sites should be possible. Patches / Pull requests are welcome. :)

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Ed Biow 1 day ago

Thomas, how do we use the file? I have Debian testing, so audacious 4.0.4, but in Settings-Plugins I don't see a way to add a plugin or modify the LyricWiki Plugin and there seems to be some verbiage in ~/.config/audacious/plugin-registry about the lyrics plugin, but I can't quite make sense of it.

general /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/audacious/General/
stamp 1597265695
version 48
flags 2
name Lyrics
domain audacious-plugins
priority 0
about 0
config 1
enabled 0
general /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/audacious/General/
stamp 1597265695
version 48
flags 1
name LyricWiki Plugin
domain audacious-plugins
priority 0
about 0
config 0
enabled 1

Do we compile the file somehow? Wait for the qt version of audacious?
audacious is my favorite music player, I've been a fan since I switched from xmms many years ago, but I miss the lyrics plugin.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Thomas Lange about 9 hours ago

Interesting, Debian compiles Audacious with Qt and GTK support but patched the default to GTK again.
That means you can use the Qt version by executing "audacious -Q".
There you can configure the plugin to use "" instead of "LyricWiki".

I hope this workaround is good enough for you.
Adding support for other sites can only be done by developers.