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Hi ! This is my first post here, not quite sure if this is the place to post this or if I could (should) have directly created an issue but I wanted to know if any one had any replacement in mind for LyricWiki which closed on the 21st of september ( The most recent post I've seen about LyricWiki is the one about the LRC files about one year and a half ago. I'd love to read what you think about that and to take part in it if there's anything I can do.

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RE: LyricWiki - Added by Bobby John over 1 year ago

I'm also interested in this topic. Is there a way to modify the source and maybe select another lyrics site as AZ lyrics or so whatever? I guess the choice could be made on the basis of licence agreements.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Thomas Lange over 1 year ago

The Qt lyrics plugin for Audacious 4.x already supports several providers.
So adding other sites should be possible. Patches / Pull requests are welcome. :)

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Ed Biow over 1 year ago

Thomas, how do we use the file? I have Debian testing, so audacious 4.0.4, but in Settings-Plugins I don't see a way to add a plugin or modify the LyricWiki Plugin and there seems to be some verbiage in ~/.config/audacious/plugin-registry about the lyrics plugin, but I can't quite make sense of it.

general /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/audacious/General/
stamp 1597265695
version 48
flags 2
name Lyrics
domain audacious-plugins
priority 0
about 0
config 1
enabled 0
general /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/audacious/General/
stamp 1597265695
version 48
flags 1
name LyricWiki Plugin
domain audacious-plugins
priority 0
about 0
config 0
enabled 1

Do we compile the file somehow? Wait for the qt version of audacious?
audacious is my favorite music player, I've been a fan since I switched from xmms many years ago, but I miss the lyrics plugin.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Thomas Lange over 1 year ago

Interesting, Debian compiles Audacious with Qt and GTK support but patched the default to GTK again.
That means you can use the Qt version by executing "audacious -Q".
There you can configure the plugin to use "" instead of "LyricWiki".

I hope this workaround is good enough for you.
Adding support for other sites can only be done by developers.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Ed Biow about 1 year ago

Thanks very much, Thomas, that does help.

When I start using the GTK interface it seems to go back to using the LyricWiki plugin, but it is easy enough to change my default m3u application to the QT interface, which seems to be a fair bit more configurable.

I didn't think the plugin was working at first because doesn't seem that great at finding the more obscure lyrics of the sorts of stuff that I prefer. For instance I started it on The Style Council's Long Hot Summer and only found 3 lyrics out of 37 tracks (two of them being their big hit), while the plugin that Clementine defaults to found 26 of 37 lyrics, but you can't have everything, and I'm happy with audacious for bunches of other reasons, lyrics are not that important to me, I can always track them down manually if I'm really interested.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Ed Biow about 1 year ago

Unfortunately, the majority of my computers run Debian stable (buster) which is stuck on 1:3.10.1 even with the Debian Multimedia repository enabled, so no QT interface for me. I tried installing the 4.05 flatpak version, but it refused to play mp3s and I didn't try other formats. Kind of a pain for a huge download that took my slow internet connection an hour or two to download, but at least it uninstalled in seconds, luckily, so I'm back on the repository version until I upgrade next summer, and my darling Clementine when I want lyrics.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Ariadne Conill about 1 year ago

I will look into what sites Clementine is scraping for lyrics soon. I have been very busy with other work for the past couple of months and thus haven't had time to update the lyrics plugin yet.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by Bobby John about 1 year ago

Thank you Ariadne!

It seems there are various providers when we explore the source:

I don't use clementine, so I don't know if it works in cascade and if there is one site better than another.

I hope it could help!

RE: LyricWiki - Added by yoramu hoo about 1 year ago

LyricWiki means nothing to me. I prefer audacious to read my local custom LRC folder.It's not a problem that you can't scroll. I miss the plug-in of foobar2000 very much. Any so-called best Linux player and their plug-in. Are out of reach.Then,thanks the translater of google.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by yoramu hoo about 1 year ago

I hate audacious every time I use it, but in fact, I always use it, and I finally can't bear it. So I have to say it. Because, I love audacious.

RE: LyricWiki - Added by yoramu hoo 12 months ago

Use deepin music instead of audacious. And still keep audacious.The open source world is beautiful.