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Make various windows dockable.

Added by Edd Barrett over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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February 11, 2021
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It would be neat if stuff like album art, EQ and visualizer, could be docked into the main window.



#1 Updated by Edd Barrett over 1 year ago

(I realise that the album art and a spectrum analyser are shown in the bottom bar, but they are small and you can't resize the bar)

#2 Updated by Edd Barrett over 1 year ago

According to #1022 this should be possible in 4.1, but I can't see how to.

Is it only available on the QT interface perhaps?

#3 Updated by Thomas Lange over 1 year ago

Is it only available on the QT interface perhaps?

Yes and no. ;)
The GTK interface allows docking of most plugins (like album art, visualizers, playlist manager), but not the equalizer or the queue manager.
The Qt interface also supports docking of the equalizer and queue manager since version 4.1.

See also:

#4 Updated by Edd Barrett over 1 year ago


After watching the video in your link, I managed to dock stuff in GTK, but I had a hard time getting things the right size.

I've tried the QT GUI and it's much nicer :)

I notice that any pane you dock the EQ into can not be resized horizontally. I guess this is the same as #1066.

#5 Updated by Jim Turner about 1 year ago

Wow, I've been using Audacious for years and have worked on and even forked a lot of the code, but somehow I never knew a/b dockability in the GTK version! I watched the video, tried it, and it works great (even better than Qt, b/c you can dock on either side)! Thanks for posting this, it should be mentioned as an Audacious bullet-point.



#6 Updated by John Lindgren about 1 year ago

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You can dock things on both sides with Qt too.
Sounds like we can go ahead and close this.

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